Well, I interviewed for the Baptist, LR distance site at TWU on Tuesday. I haven't heard anything, but caught wind that if I haven't received a phone call by now then it's more than likely not good. I feel like I got grilled, but also felt like I answered their questions well. When the interview was over I was told that I "did very well".

I'm supposed to interview tomorrow morning at St. Bernards in Jonesboro, AR (also for TWU), but I'm so bummed now that I can't concentrate for tomorrow and even partially don't want to go.

I guess I just assumed that I worked so hard and had so much encouragement and support from familiy, co-workers, managers, and physicians that I would be in for sure....guess not. Still guess I have to wait for the official notification in February, but have a feeling I already know.

Any advice on where to go from here other than get more exp and try again next year?