Hello everyone, I am starting my second bachelors degree in nursing next month. My first degree is a BS in psychology. After I finish my BSN I want to get my experience in the nursing field and then apply to some CRNA programs. But I am concerned that my overall gpa (which was a 3.1) from my first bachelors degree will have a negative effect on me getting accepted. Even if I manage to obtain a 3.5 or better from my BSN, if that gpa is combined with the first one it will decrease. Will CRNA programs combine the gpa from my first bachelor's degree and the gpa from my BSN degree? Or will they be more interested in the gpa from my BSN degree? Also, the BSN program I am starting next month is a traditional 4 yr. program but I'm also interested in applying to some 12-14 month accelerated programs after I complete the pre-reqs. Do CRNA programs prefer students with a BSN from a traditional 4yr or a BSN from a accelerated program?