I have a question for the ICU nurse in all of you....

Last night I went to a code.

35 y/o black female into the hospital with nausea, vomiting. I believe it was a chronic issue. She also had a hx of osteosarcoma. Takes strong pain meds (in hindsight, this could very well be the reason for her NV - pain meds to bowel obstruction to NV. Just thoughts.) Got 2mg Dilauded roughly 3 hours ago. Info about pt was a little spotty. Last seen walky-talky no more than 45min prior to code being called.

Rhythms bouncing back and fourth between Vfib, PEA, and asystole. We code her for a half hour, Doc finally calls it.

As we rummage around in her bag, we find an empty bottle of Oxycontin. Script's written for 150 at a time. Good Lord. Next we find a syringe, dull bore needle, med cup with remnants of a white powder and water mix, and some damaged, dented capsules and pills. Cripes. This explains why her IV was found disconnected upon arrival.

So hindsight is 20-20. Lesson I took from it - if I ever go to a code with a young patient who is on any IV narcotics in the hospital, I'm calling for Narcan STAT.

MY QUESTION: Have any of you been to a true code blue (Vfib/tach/PEA/Asystole), used Narcan with good ACLS, and brought them back? I can't help but think this would have been different if we would have seen the signs quicker. I won't forget this one.