sorry in regards to the title, I recently disovered duck dynasty.

My question is for all those out there is in regards to GPA. Being honest Im now in my late twenties, graduate with my BSN which is an RN-BSN program so therefore my GPA started out with zero. I have a 3.4 gpa at this point for my BSN. However the ASN is another story. Im signed up to retake AP2 and Mico and Chem (general 100) because I got C's in those courses when I took them a few years back. Then it was C's make degrees, However C's dont get you into graduate school. ASN gpa is 2.64 with the gpa calculator it states this will boost my gpa to 3.3ish plus I have two 3 credit hour courses to take this year at the place where I took my ASN degree from (108$ per credit hour vs 1000$ a credit hour). Reccomendations? thoughts? CCRN is scheduled for Feb, and beyond that just continue to make A's as I have. I guess more or less, Im seeking comments on what is what!