So here is the scenario for the students.

55 y/o male in ICU after having bloody stools. (red in color initially now 6 hours later dark).

Initial low H&H given 2 units prior to your consult hgb 11.

Hx: HTN, CAD, Angina

Rx: metoprolol, ntg (rarely used)


NPO X 9 hours

The GI doc wants to do an EGD. He is known for being fast, excellent and definitive. He says he does not believe there is any active bleeding but wants to do a look and see if he can find the original cause.

You see the patient and find a pleasant fellow who is having some mild abd pain but otherwise is completely stable. He relates to you the story about bloody stools for 3 days and came in weak and nauseated to the ER yesterday. After the blood he feels much better.

He is not on any gtts of anykind.

What is your plan?