Hey everyone

I'm an RN at my local community based hospital. To give you a feel for our size, I think we have near 300 beds, we are working on becoming a level 3 trauma center, and we do have our own cardiac wing which includes doing open heart surgeries. So we are kind of medium sized.

I work on the only Step down unit which is right next door to the only CCU which the step down nurses float to fairly often. We are a fairly high acuity step down and between that and the CCU, I'm wondering what exactly CRNA schools are looking for when they say "ICU experience".

We frequently titrate drips like cardizem and dopamine based on a patients b/p or hr. I'll often have patients with art lines or cvp monitoring in central lines. We go to codes. In CCU, we deal with vents, although the RT's manage them. Is this the type of experience I need? Am I missing anything big?