Sometimes, just trying to stay ahead can be the worst part. When I started College I wasnt prepared, or ready at all. Hence I received mediocre to failing grades. Waisted some perfectly good times to going out with the guys, spending time with girls, partying, riding the motorcycles/dirtbikes. Some extra time maybe even 2-3 more hours per day would have prevented all this. Unfortunatley its not something that can be undone at this point. Its something I regret, have worked hard to undo with good grades in my BSN completion. Its something that was learned from with maturity and now responsibility. I know now what I want to do, why I love what I do (with thanks to lots of CRNA shadow time, and working the ICU with lots of great exposure) Ive grown up and my grades/gpa looks different than my ASN degree (now in RN-BSN with 2 out of 4 semesters complete). I currently hold a 3.4 GPA. Im quite proud of myself! Working on CCRN for March, GRE in April-may, and all the while trying to finish my BSN with the highest GPA I can and get an interview with accpetance into a CRNA school of my choice/preference. Lots of schools to choose from, lots of different options, degree types, formats, start dates, app deadlines. OMG! Im just trying to stay ahead of the game, but its a head spinner. I make lists, I change the lists, I delete, I add. JIMENY FREAKIN CHRISTMAS! I will add 2 schools have remained unchanged. I feel jittery and overly excited, I want to be there now!! Im ready for the loads of information, Im craving for the knowledge, I want the additonal autonomy. Lots of people have said "dont waist time beefing up your app with CCRN/>>>????.... just apply and see what happens". I am anyways... maybe. But then I question should I take the GRE first, then CCRN?? CHOICES!! Its not a waist of time to me, it will help prepare me and increase my chances to stand out. With my poor ASN gpa of 2.9 I feel I need all the help I can get. I would like to apply to schools without GRE requirment and I most likely will to 2-3, but honestly Im just gonna put in the time and study my A## off to get there. This road is a long one, it takes time, it takes patience, I just hope my community college experience hasnt screwed my to bad. At this point I dont think so, 2.9 with a 3.4 bsn gpa, TNCC, ACLS, PALS, CCRN (hopeful for MARCh). This takes time, Im dedicated, motivated, and driven to get there. Somedays I just feel like I should wait until next Nov. which is when I grad with my BSN, then look to apply. Just makes me feel like im rushing this proccess?? Maybe Im not? But everyone says apply a year in advance. Jeepers what to do what to do. I just dont want to wait till Nov of 13 then it be to late and I hurt my chances. Until then Im trying to stay ahead, looking into schools, studying for CCRN in March, working, doin my BSN. Well I sure do feel better after letting all this out. Some good, serious comments would be helpful with some advice as to where to go from here!