Hello everyone!!

I am new to this forum, so will give a brief background about myself. I am currently a Junior level student at Mount Carmel College of Nursing and will graduate in March of 2014 (couldn't get here soon enough)! I am currently working as a Lab tech in Mount Carmel St. Anns, one of the hospitals in the Mount Carmel system in Columbus. I entered nursing school with the single intent to become a CRNA, that is what I have always had my sights set on.

I am currently taking a Senior Seminar Class class about Advance Nursing Practice, which discusses NP, CNM, CNS, and CRNA's. We have now had guest speakers discuss each different specialty. It has become evident to me that the field of nurse anesthesia is rapidly approaching new grads to be required to have DNP's to practice (everyone else will be grandfathered in). This information has me leaning towards applying to strictly DNAP programs when I am at the point of sending out applications, as it won't be for another couple of years. Any thoughts on how fast the transition to DNAP's will be made and any differences from a standard masters programs would be greatly appreciated.

My other question is, what kind of advice and recommendations do you all have for preparing to apply to CRNA programs? I want to do everything in my power to be a great candidate for the limited number of seats available in these graduate programs. I have already shadowed various practicing CRNA's, I should graduate with a 3.6-3.7 GPA, I plan to do my nursing leadership class (8 weeks of shadowing a nurse preceptor one on one) in ICU, and will hopefully get a job right out of school on an ICU unit. Any other preparations and information regarding the CRNA field, CRNA schools, and preparations I can start doing/thinking about would be greatly appreciated!