So I have a case scheduled for this morning. Ventral hernia repair for a 69 year old male.

PMH: hypertension- on metoprolol, HCTZ
GERD- controlled with pantoprazole
CAD- CABG 10 years ago, cath 8 months ago reveal all grafts occluded but has formed adequate collaterals, on Plavix, metoprolol, simvastatin, SL nitro (hasn't had to use any) Cardiologist gives ok for surgery and can stop Plavix. No CP with exertion.
COPD- Albuterol for rescue, formoterol/budesonide maintenance. No SOA or Orthopnea, no wheezing auscultated.

PSH: colectomy for Ca, CABG, ventral hernia repair, ex lap for dehiscence, hernia repair ( in that order)

All labs ok. PFTs are not terrible.

For the students: how do you proceed with this patient? Any thoughts on preparation or potentials for this case?