Hello! I am in need of some advice.....and I'm hoping you can help me please.

I graduated many years ago with a degree in engineering, which is the field in which I worked for 10+ years. When my first child was born a couple of years ago he spent 12 weeks in NICU. I was exposed to this wonderful world of nursing and decided to pursue a career change. I am soon to graduate my BSN program with a pretty good GPA and am looking to work in ICU, preferably NICU. I love nursing and have never looked back.

My question is this. If I work in NICU, and at some point wish to consider a career as a CRNA, I understand I will need to have significant adult ICU experience. I'm older, just turned 39. (most CRNA programs in my area seem to have an average age of 20 something, I just discovered this week, which is prompting my question, in part).

So, please advise me. Should I just forget CRNA? Too over the hill?

If I'm not too old to be considered, will I be able to transfer from NICU to SICU ( or equivalent) easily to get the adult experience or will I pigeon hole myself away from adult care and limit my options? ICU was really the reason I wanted to get into nursing, but people speak so highly of CRNA I would be thrilled to consider it also.

I would appreciate your honest feedback!