First, some background info: I am not a CRNA and not even an RN, I am still a student in a local ADN program in my 2nd semester.

Would I like to maybe become a CRNA? Quite possibly, based on my experience when I volunteered at my local hospital in which I shadowed both RN's and CRNA's. However, in my current situation and the way it looks like things are going I may have to put any hopes of grad school in the can. I say this because the ADN program I am currently in is notorious for the amount of C's its students earn. I was a 4.0 before I began my program, on the dean's list, honor societies, scholarships, etc. My program started with 30 people (most with GPA 3.7+ and other things to distinguish them as my ADN program is very competitive because of my location), we are now a month away from completing second semester out of 4 and we have 9 people left, everyone else has either failed out because of grades or skill testing (foley, NG tubes, med passes etc.). Last semester, only one person passed with a B, I was half a point away from one, this semester, same story. And from what I can tell, the last 2 semesters are the same story. Plus, all of my programs nursing classes are worth 6+ credit hours for some reason. Our concerns have been brought to our instructors as we have heard of other surrounding programs where apparently A's are handed out like they are going out of style. I'm at a crossroads, I'm a good student, but its not showing because of factors other than me. I know grades are important for my future therefore I'm thinking about whether or not I should drop out of my current program so my current GPA can be saved, and apply and attend other surrounding programs that have a reputation for being quote "easier, less stressful, and just better" than my current program. Or, I can hold it out, continue to try my best, graduate and continue my RN-BSN that I am already set to begin hoping they can buffer my GPA for the better. I'm not complaining, I'm not trying to sound like a baby because my grades have gone from stellar to disappointing, I'm just concerned.