Trying to mix up questions/situations for the students, so this is one for the newer clinical students.

Your going to be doing a MAC case on a healthy 42 year old, smoking female, no previous surgeries who they want to do a biopsy on after a lump was found during breast exam. No home meds other than MVI. Assessment negative, METS>4

What's ASA status?
Any other preop info you need to know?
What's your anesthetic plan?

Want to encourage any of you newbies or lurkers who fear to post to give it a shot. Alot of you have to do careplans before your cases, so nows your chance to get some feedback before you do one. Only way your going to get dinged is if you tell me you want to do something like a femoral nerve block on this pt! Many ways to handle this case and I'm sure you're going to hear quite a variety so have at it!