Hey guys,

Looking for information from students who actually go to these schools (or if you have friends that do or did). Always good to get information from students vs. faculty at the information session about the program. Students always have a different view point

Info on how competitive, interviews, quality of program, professors, are they supportive, quality of clinical sites/rotations, procedures you weren't allowed to do? if any....thanks soo much

These are the schools I'm interested in....please reply to the post or private message me. I would appreciate it TREMENDOUSLY!!!

Hospital of St. Raphael School of nurse anestheisa (CT)
Northeastern University (MA)
Boston College (MA)
New Britain School of NA (CT)
Fairfield University and Bridgeport Hospital NA program (CT)
University of New England school of NA (in Maine)
Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in NJ (NJ)
Memorial Hospital of RI school of NA (RI)
St. Joseph Hospital School of NA (in RI)

THANK you!