Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to this forum, although have followed through readings for many years ! And based on what I've read and others opinions really have lead me to this indecisive route. I have been a nurse for five years with one year in a level one MiCU, two years on a cardiac intermediate unit, and three years in a level one PACU. Now I am finally beginning my path to becoming a CRNA, I received an opportunity to work for a prestigious Childrens Hospital level one PICU which has liver transplants, highly populated open-hearts, micu, sicu, and neuro, plus adults with congenital disease up to age 60 years old. I also received the opportunity to work in another prestigious level one MICU unit which I feel would be great experience and the best way to go. However, #1. The MICU position is rotational shifts; one month on days then one month on nights...major downer for me and my childrens schedule. 2#. I felt the PICU would be a good experience being that I already have adult MICU experience, this would allow me learn a specialty and gain both pediatrics and adult care under my belt, which some applicants are limited too. #3. I thought about working PICU for a year and if need be, apply to a CVICU or SICU which I hear is top choice for the program. I just don't know which way to go and only have one day to decide. What route would you suggest I take? Please