I currently work in a high acuity/level one PICU and have been an RN here for 2 years, taking care of post-op open hearts, admiting level one traumas, carrying the code beeper and regularly taking vents with intracardiac lines, CVCs and or ARTs. Occasional ECMO and CRRT pts when we have them. I also have my CCRN and a few other certs. My debate is whether it would be worth it to leave for an adult ICU that is lower acuity/not a level one center. There are some positions currently available in the area like this and I am growing inpatient waiting on a position to open up in one of the level one/higher acuity adult units around me! I am eager to go to school-as I feel that my experience in this unit has been extreamly valuable, and that I am able to take care of the sickest patients we have both safely and confidently- but I have read that dispite the two schools nearby me that accept PICU, adult experiance is still valuable. Should I continue to wait for a position in one of the higest acuity units or consider something less just for the sake of getting adult experience? (I LOVE having sick pts. and would be pretty disapointed if my new pts. were not as sick =/ ) I have also kicked around the idea of taking a part time adult ICU float pool position in a level one center, but I have heard this is not as valuable because they generaly give floaters (especially those with peds experiance) the easier patients. Any thoughts would be appreciated, and I would be especially glad to hear from those who went to school with only or mostly PICU experience.
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