Something I ran into in clinical and I haven't been able to find an answer in the literature so I thought I could get some direction from the brains on here. So I am nearing the end of a case and start titrating my flows down and the CRNA I'm with asks me "If your pt woke up and started really moving around what would you do?" My initial response was a propofol bolus since that would work faster than maxing out my conc and gas flows. He then says "you have none drawn up and your pt is trying to sit up". I threw out my options again propofol, narcs, relaxants, and deepen with gas and he shoots them all down. I look around and ask what I am missing since he is shooting my ideas down based on the premise that they are not drawn up. I have lido in my manifold from induction and he tells me that pushing the remaining lido will immediately sedate the patient. I cannot find information on how this would work. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.