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    Cool First Post/ Opinions on my school choices

    This is my first post to the site. I am currently working in a level 1 ICU in IL in a ICU module where we get everything, we have CCU/MICU/SICU/NEURO/TRAUMA,. I have been a nurse for 3 years, One thus far as being an RN. I have shadowed ALOT, and even been an anesthesia tech prior during my LPN education. I am about to graduate from a local university here from their RN-BSN PACE program. My grades are mediocre, yea I have a 3.1 gpa but I know I wont get accpeted to a top ten school. I am readyish to apply (but still doing my research), got my ACLS, PALS, working on CCRN with PASS CCRN, and working on taking GRE. Ive got a list of schools picked. I would just like some opinions on the schools. Im looking for a quality education with lots of invasive lines/blocks.

    As a side note I would really like to hear some things on DMH/Millikin and SIUE I havent seen much and trust me Ive been doing lots of reading here and on allnurses.

    1.DMH/MIllikin in Decatur IL
    2. SIUE IL
    3.Midwestern AZ
    4.Wolford FL
    5.Barry FL
    6.Mayo MN
    7.MSU MN
    8.SMU MN
    9. MsU MO
    10. Webster MO
    11. MTSA TN

    These are the main ones Im looking at. Just looking for a little advice. Im most likely going to need to take my GRE, but it would be nice to not have to.
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