I am interested in hearing from some people who are currently in or recently at the Raleigh School. I live in the area and am very interested in the program. It's a really great deal, about 20k for the whole thing. However, I do have some reservations about things I have heard and was hoping to get some more feed back on here. I have heard thing like there is a lack of support for students all the way to its a negative and catty environment. A coworker told me she knows a student there who wakes up every day with the thought "will this be the day they kick me out?"
I just wonder if this people venting or if there is truth to this? If so its not where I would want to go to school but if not, it sounds like a great value!

I have already been accepted to duke and trying to decide what is right for me. Appreciate any thoughts from those familiar with the Raleigh program.