hi all,

i graduated 2 years ago with my BSN. Had a 3.9 GPA, previously had a BA in Psychology with a 2.75. During this time I had taken my chem's and bio's. Didn't do so hot (bio 1 C, bio 2 C+, chem 1 B+, chem 2 B). Now that I have been in the CT-ICU for 2 years I am looking into CRNA school and trying to spruce up my application before I delve into that.

I really want to retake those courses. my other pre-reqs are all solid A's, A-'s (micro, a&p 1,2) and never had below an A in nursing school with the exception of one elective course (B+ i think). I don't really have time to sit in a classroom and retake a lab and course combination, etc. But i figured that maybe since i was retaking the course, that online wouldn't be viewed as bad as if it were the first time i was taking the class...any one have any experience with online pre-reqs and how they are viewed by the school??

If it helps, i am looking to apply to columbia and suny downstate for school within the next 2-3 years.

any advice is greatly appreciated, as well as suggestions as to where to take the courses..

thanks everyone