I'm not in school yet, but I anticipate starting by January 2014. Because of this, I have way too much time to think about the massive amount of debt I will no-doubt go into because of school. I have a questions for any of you who have any special ideas about how to pay back school. I'd also like some opinions about an idea I have.

Here it is: I'm anticipating racking up somewhere between $40k and $70k in debt due to the fact that my wife will most likely work full time, but we will use her money to pay bills and keep an emergency fund. Do any of you think it would be reasonably doable to get a contract with an anesthesia group (I've read some of the suggestions about how to go about this) requesting that I make a base salary of say $50,000 and the group take my debt? This way, I can eliminate all of my debt and still have plenty of money to live on during that first year of practice. After that year I can begin to really enjoy the fruits of my labor with 0 debt and a lucrative salary.

Any ideas? Realistic? Ridiculous? Thanks to everyone who has been helping me figure out what the heck I'm going to do with myself increasing my knowledge of what anesthesia is all about.