Hello all,

As my first semester in CRNA school approaches, I am thinking of study plans. I tried to look up similar posts on the list but I wasn't very successful. My apologies in advance if this gets to sound like a redundant post that others have addressed already.

How did you prepare for school?
What was your study plans that assured your success in school?
What tools were mostly helpful to you during your school time?
How was your personality during school with your teachers and your classmates? Were you competitive enough but easy-going, with a huge hunger for learning? What personality traits that you think were linked to your success?
How did you balance your life? Did you find time for eating healthy and exercising?

Feel free to add anything else that I might have missed mentioning to this list of things that were important for your success in school.

I thank you all in advance for any contribution even if it means you reading this post and sending out warm supportive thoughts to me and other students who are starting soon.