Starting clinical in a month and I wanted to get advice from senior SRNA's and new CRNA's, and I guess anyone that precepts students. I have most of the reference books out there...I went a little overboard lol, but have found them each to be helpful in putting together care plans etc. My iPad has apps and all the textbooks. Any advice on what you have found to be most useful as a reference? I like the huge amt of info my i Pad can carry along with being able to pull up current lit. At the same time I guess there is the issue that I can't put it in my pocket (or even a fanny pack as I read on another fascinating thread lol). The books fit in my pocket (although some are heavy enough to pull my scrubs down (better tie those suckers tight!) and I guess I am kinda old school in liking to actually flip to a page, but they definitely don't carry close to what an iPad can. The other benefit of the iPad is being able to jot down my cases in a quick and organized way, and I suppose access to current lit, care plans for the cases I can pre-op the night before surgery, maybe personal checklist in the beginning.

Advice? Opinions? Personal experience?

PS:While I think the iPhone could solve the size problem we have been warned not to use them and I can their point about how it could be misconstrued as texting as opposed to accessing relevant apps. Its against our newly implemented "social media policy".

Thanks for any advice!!!!! I am 1/2 excited and 1/2 terrified.