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    Default Insight into a Recent Grads lifestyle as CRNA...

    Woohooo!! 4 Weeks as an Anesthesia provider and feeling great. Things are panning out better than expected. First off, working in a large teaching facility has been awesome, I am 100% satisfied with my working arrangement thus far and the staff have been adding to my knowledge base at an amazing rate. I can’t express how thankful I am to my current colleagues and the training I had in Florida that allowed for my success here in the NorthEast. If my family were here and not in Florida everything would be perfect.
    In other news, although I’ve been successful in securing placement here in Massachusetts, it doesn’t mean the current supply and demand situation for nurse anesthetists has changed. Fact is, graduate CRNA’s continue to grow exponentially more than jobs and as proof I am asked daily when I mention I’m from Florida to anesthesia providers here in Massachusetts; “That’s strange, why are there so many of you “CRNA’s” coming up here from Florida?” Truth be told what this tells me is that the flood of certain markets (Florida being one of them) is starting to spill into other states and with time even those will become saturated as new graduates come out with six figure loans and have no choice but to move as I did in order to pay back aunt Sallie Mae or Uncle Sam.
    Adding to the current CRNA student’s daily stressors of dealing with exams, tests, quizzes, and clinicals, I see more and more students complaining of their preceptor CRNA’s who tend to be more harsh than the attending anesthesiologists themselves. Many times because they feel as one told me when I was a student “way back then” that the influx of new CRNA’s into the market makes them a dime a dozen, and this way they loose bargaining power for contracts and their salaries have stagnated or even diminished over time. I noticed this during one of my interviews this past week. One particular older gentleman “CRNA” knowing I am a recent graduate (although already working on my first assignment) mentioned how “we” are screwing up his bargaining power. Well, fact is, yes there are too many schools out their, and yes some are CRNA mills putting out over 70-80 CRNA’s out a year. But I once “not to long ago” was a student too, and aspired to be a CRNA, and have since become one, I’m not the one who will hamper or get in the way of someone else’s dreams. If they want it badly enough, let them be. It would be hypocrisy for me to stand and say, “Now that I’m in, close the doors and don’t let no one else in.” You only have to make an informed decision and recognize the market you are getting into. Will there be jobs when your done? Probably. Will I have to move? Maybe. Will I be happy? Who knows.Do what your heart desires and brush off those hypocrites.
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