I'm an aspiring CRNA. I'm currently in my BSN program and have one year of experience on a Medical-Surgical ICU with a little experience in Trauma (Level two center with >600 beds). I'll be done with my BSN next May and will have two years of experience if I matriculate immediately after finishing my BSN. I'm happy to say that I passed my CCRN today. I currently have a 3.6 GPA and a 4.0 science GPA. My only B's have been in my nursing courses. I expect to graduate with about at 3.65-3.7. >40hrs shadow time. I'm a part of the code team and I get to work with some really medically sick patients (ARDS, Sepsis etc). I don't,however, get to see that many Swans or cardiac patients. I've also got sot

My question for all of your CRNAs and SRNAs is this: What could I do to improve my application? I think I'm at the least a decent applicant, but that doesn't really mean much when you think of all the the other applicants that most definitely blow me out of the water when it comes to actual critical care experience and real-world application/knowledge.

I do, ideally, want to begin school ASAP after I finish my BSN. What things can I do in the mean time to improve myself and my application? I could do PALS or get my TNCC. Any ideas? I'd really like to get into whichever program will train me best (recommendations welcome).

Please understand this is honestly an attempt to get more information to be a better applicant. I'm not trying to flaunt anything. I'm blessed with an awesome unit with good management and excellent charge nurses. I work with a great team and luckily have learned much from them.