Hello everyone!
I am about 5 months in to my new grad job at a Level I cardiac surgery ICU. Given that this is my second bachelors/career, I come with some minor "baggage":

I was pre-med when I got my BA, but decided I just didn't want to really study any of my sciences. I ended up with a D in Bio II, C+ in Orgo (after a re-take), and a C- in physics. I eventually got my act somewhat together and graduated with a BA with a 2.9.

Now fast forward a few years when I actually have found a career that suits me and am driven for. As of right now I graduated from a very competitive acc BSN program with a 4.0 (which included about 15 credit hours of DNP level courses, including adv pathophys). I have since retaken bio and received an A, as well as an A in all my other pre-req sciences (basic chem, micro, anatomy, phys). My current overall GPA stands about a 3.3/3.4. Unsure about science GPA, but I imagine it's around the same.

Other stats:
1210 GRE
Will have approx 1.5 years experience at the time of application, 2.5 by start if I get in. Will be taking CCRN beginning of next year.

Have I proven I can handle science class yet? Or should I retake physics (I HATE physics) and maybe take biochem? I feel like my application will be solid except for the ochem/physics grade. Any thoughts are much appreciated!