Say you are stranded on an island and faced with a choice of choosing an anesthesia school. The problem is, you can ONLY choose one.

Program 1: great didactic courses and wonderful professors who will make you understand and know everything you need to know from the book. But very weak clinical rotations and you could only get your bare minimum AANA numbers with lots of observations and limited hands-on.

program 2: very weak didactically, and lots of self-learning and memorization with limited professorial resources. However, they have great clinical rotations with top-notch CRNAs and MDA who can teach you whatever you need to learn and any procedure or technique in a level 1 trauma center to boot.

My question is, which one will you take. Now this very hypothetical; as we all know, or should know, there are no programs like the above mentioned. So, this been an exercise in intellectual gymnastics, which program will you choose and why?