Hi Everyone,

Just a quick message to say hello and introduce myself. I'm a lowly ICU RN and CRNA hopeful who is in the process of checking out different schools. I have only 14 months of experience with 10 months of MICU and the past 4 in the SICU. That makes me half-assed at both, really. I'm currently studying for my CCRN and will be applying to programs along the way with the bulk of them coming this fall. I'm in Denver right now and will have to move somewhere out of state to make this happen. Being single helps since I have no wife or kids to make the move with me, which makes me open to moving just about anywhere. If you all don't mind I'll be here soaking knowledge from all of you, hoping to contribute more later as I actually learn some things I can pass along to other fledgling wannabes. A big thank you to Methane Man who introduced me to this site. His stealth mode PM at allnazis.com was what brought me here.

Happy gas, everyone.