Today's Friday and payday, yay!!!

37y/o scheduled for c section
No PMH, no complications with pregnancy
Had c section 2 years ago, no other surgeries.

Me and MDA in OR waiting on nurse and pt. Nurse is pushing ancef on the way to OR. Pt gets there, we're hooking up to monitors and preparing for spinal. Pt starts complaining of difficulty breathing. Nurse is reassuring her, thinking its anxiety. About 2 min later pt is really struggling, becoming diaphoretic. We lay her down and put facemask on. Literally as soon as facemask is going on she starts foaming at the mouth and goes pulse....start CPR. As soon as I get her tubed pink frothy sputum is gushing out, almost projectile like. OB gets baby out immediately and baby is fine. Coded mom over an hr with intermittent bouts of regaining and losing a pulse. Finally got her stabilized and to the unit. The only thing she received prior to this episode was that ancef, so other than reaction to the drug what else could've happened to her? Amniotic fluid embolus? I've never seen anybody go from perfectly normal to this do quickly.

As a side note: this is why people like Mike harp on experience prior to school. I had great code experience in my ICU and I basically ran this one even though there was a MDA in the room. Time for a drink!!