Thanks for the welcome!

Yeah, I will actually need to take several additional pre-requisite courses to be eligible for my university's BSN program (it isn't an accelerated/second degree program; all they offer is a "regular" BSN). Those courses are A&P II, General Psychology, and Microbiology. I forgot to mention this in my first post, but last fall, I actually was granted permission to take the nursing program's Pharmacology course (made a B, unfortunately), and they told me that if I ever decided to pursue the BSN program, I could just apply the credit I received for taking the Pharm. class and wouldn't need to to worry about taking it again.

So having said that, I wonder how good/bad of an idea it would be to get permission (again) to take one or two nursing courses while I'm taking the three remaining pre-requisite courses? That way, even though I won't be "officially" enrolled in the BSN program, I'll still technically be making progress towards earning the degree since I'll receive credit for the classes (I.e., they'll be considered as having been taken) for when I do become officially enrolled in the program.

It might not be such a bad idea; at least I'll be earning credits towards the nursing degree...