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LOL............so true

I chart the times also, because there is a spot on our record for it. If my record didn't have a spot for it, then nope, I wouldn't do it. The circulator charts the times on their record, that would be enough for me.......I am not a fan of double charting, once is enough.

Rumor has it we will be switching to the Epic system in a few years..........from what I have heard this will eliminate the double charting thing, apparently we all share the same times? I don't know, but that would be nice.
we've been on epic since march 1. some things good, others bad. not so bad for the anesthesia flowsheet, but over all still many kinks to work out. the surgeons absolutely despise it and many are vowing to never return for elective cases. haven't seen some surgeons in months. they say they spend twice as much time dictating and writing orders post-op as they do actually operating. from what i hear from their standpoint, it doesn't flow very well - imagine that: a "gov't mandated system that's inefficient". three months into it, it's obviously programmed by nonclinical personnel without a clue as to what and how things run clinically. that's the most frustrating thing about it, other than complaining about something and the "epic help" has no answer other than the standard "i'll put a ticket in on that" which usually gets lost in the shuffle.

as far a tourniquet times and epic, there's an "event" button to mark inflate and deflate, but it doesn't necessarily match up with the circulator's chosen times.