Say I'm in central Africa with a surgical mission. Surgeon is a good guy who is coming back to this "clinic" with me to take care of some pretty serious goiters. He couldn't get an anesthetist in the past so he took 'em out with a paramedic, ketamine, local and no ett. Now I'm there. I have ketamine, propofol, iv fluids and conventional means to intubate the trachea (bougie, lma + blade and scope) No gas machine, and no fresh gas (yes, that means no oxygen). I do have a self inflating ambu, NIBP and pulse ox. No ekg. Bare bones basic drugs (epi, atropine, sux).He didn't do these patients the last time through because the goiters were starting to impair airway patency and he didn't want to go there without an anesthetist. Now he has one. How do I do this 30 min case? BTW, there are 10 of them for the day.