ND Doctor In Propofol Rape Case Has Pleas Withdrawn Will Face Trial [VIDEO]

We told you previously about the case of Dr.*Jon Norberg, 41, of Fargo who was accused of raping a woman who was not his patient (turned out to be his wife) after administering the anesthetic propofol to her more than 30 times over an 18 month period. In January, in a deal with prosecutors, he* plead guilty to felony reckless endangerment and a*misdemeanor count of sexual assault. Compared to rape charges these were a walk in the park.
Norberg was accused of drugging his wife with the anesthetic propofol and sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions. Norberg has claimed his wife consented to receiving the propofol and that both of them agreed upon it as a treatment her chronic pain from an autoimmune disease. His estranged wife, a physician herself, claims otherwise and has painted her husband as a sadistic liar. Despite his plea to the misdemeanor sexual … (Continued...)