Supervision Of CRNAs Does Not Create Liability For Surgeons

While any author certainly prefers that the reader take the time to read his or her work in its entirety, for those who want a quick answer without the evidence and law explained, here it is: Surgeons do not expose themselves to greater liability when they work with Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) alone vs physician anesthesiologists alone. Regardless of what anyone might tell you to the contrary, the courts and the case law are unambiguous and very complete on the matter. But donít just believe me, read on for the irrefutable facts based in law.
It is worth noting from the outset that due to the incredible record of safety which the administration of anesthesia enjoys (so safe that it is the envy of every other medical and nursing specialty in this regard), concerns from surgeons over their liability exposure for anesthesia mishaps should inherently be very low. The … (Continued...)