Now that I got accepted into a CRNA program, I am concerned that the workload once I graduate and work as a CRNA won't be any less intense than the workload that I am doing as an ICU nurse. I see our anesthesiologists work their tale off all the time without any breaks- they do that day in and day out none stop. I am hoping that when I become a CRNA that I would have a more balanced life where I can enjoy my life and my career rather than just living as a slave to the system. What advice would you give for someone like me who is looking for a better life quality and a well-rounded life style?

I work very very hard to achieve my goals but then I don't want to be working very hard all the time. It's been already about 7-yr journey to get me into the CRNA program. I know that the next 3 yrs are going to be very hard and I will enjoy that hard work. But will it be fruitful where I can enjoy my life eventually or will I end up working hard for the rest of my life?

Welcoming your comments and input.