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Thread: Ramifications of being socially awkward?

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    Default Ramifications of being socially awkward?

    I normally communicate fine after I am comfortable with people and the environment, but have difficulty talking to multiple people I don't know. I blew my interview in January. I think the feeling that I am being judged exacerbates this problem and my words disappear... Even simple questions were difficult for me to answer (ex. Tell me about yourself). People always underestimate me because of this problem and partially due to how young I look. The interviewing committee thought I "needed more experience." Some people assume that if you don't talk, then you don't know. Opposite in my case. The guilt overwhelms me because I know this problem is completely my fault.
    Since the interview I have obtained my CCRN, had multiple CRNA shadowing experiences with some hands on (bagging, etc), started toastmasters meetings to improve impromptu speaking, and plan on spending time in the specialized ICU units (I have 2 years general ICU).

    Few Questions:
    1. Can you think of anything else I can do to increase my chances?
    2. Could my social anxiety/awkwardness be a problem in the CRNA field?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much.
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