I am currently a 18 year old male and will be going off to college to become a nurse. My goal is to graduate and work in a fast paced exciting environment like the ER . I figure I will get older and when thinking of starting a family/settling down, look for a more slow paced job.

I really worry because a major reason for me wanting to become a nurse anesthesiologist is because of the pay. I am extremely afraid that I will get burned out or drop out of graduate school because I wont like the job. I just want to know how many people love being a CRNA.

1) How many years do most nurses need to work on med/surg floors before they transfer to higher level dept's like ER and ICU?
2) How good do my grades need to be in order to get into a graduate program? Is a 4.0 pretty much a requirement or can you get away with a 3.5 or what not?
3) Do you enjoy your job? and why? what exactly does your workday consist of and does it ever become "boring"? what are the goods vs. bads of the job?