I've researched this extensively - CVICU experience seems to be king of the hill. If you mix in some good experience in a high-volume ER you're golden right?

My question is why CVICU? I understand that the reasoning is that CVICU RN's monitor invasive lines and should have become proficient with vasoactive drips... but how does this advance a pre-SRNA's preparedness for school?

My other question is in regards to PICU experience. Again, I understand that PICU expereince is not preferred... but how about CVICU experience at a prestigious children's hospital? I know that a key distinguisher between the two is congenital vs. chronic cardiac conditions and that they are not the same.

From what I've read on this board it seems that 99% of anesthesia is performed on adults- so I am in line with the idea that adult ICU/ER experience is paramount - but is one CVICU preferred over the next?