I am writing this in hopes that someone out there may have a background similar to mine or have been through school with someone who has.
As I was finishing my Engineering degree a few years ago, I just knew that it was not what I was going to be happy with. I decided to make a change why I was young and choice nursing where I could make a direct difference and work on the most interesting and complex system of all...the human body. I first became a CNA for three years and then worked in Emergency Research for another three years (drug studies, medical devices, trauma, surgical).
Now I work in SICU/MICU and love it! I love how challenging it is and how much I learn everyday. I plan to apply to CRNA school this year. Im looking to find out how I match up.
Engineering degree: GPA 3.3
Nursing: 3.7
Currently on pain committee, taking CCRN in June, currently shadowing.
Anything else I could do to help my chances??
Thanks for your input!