Hello everyone...I am new to the forum and thought this would be a great place to get some insight and advice...I am looking to do a career change and get into nursing...specifically an RN and leaning towards CRNA...I have been working in the financial industry for over 6 yrs...I have a BS in business administration from Fordham university...I am not happy with my job...I feel no purpose or accomplishment working here...I always wanted to pursue nursing but back then the financial world was the thing to get into...well I think I stuck at it for to long and I know for sure this what I wanted to do...I started researching schools and thought Pace University was a good start since they have a combined degree program and you can complete both the BSN and Masters...my worry is being able to start school, get experience working and have the ability to pay bills...I am 31 and a single mother with 2 kids...does this seem like something I can get into...can I still work my current job for income purpose and part time school??...any insight will be highly appreciated....thanks