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    Default Getting up off the mat

    I am wrestling with the emotions of getting into CRNA school. Normally this would be my unbridled joy time, but my wife has had less luck.

    The story goes like this: My wife has been trying to get into CRNA since before we were married. The first year, she got an interview, but was not accepted, primarily because she had the minimum experience required (one year ICU) and only applied to one school. The second year, she had some health problems, a surgery, and had to drop some early entry classes. That year she was not granted an interview. Third year she spent retaking some of the classes she had dropped, and was not granted an interview AGAIN. Fourth year, she had some more health problems (migraines primarily), and missed two quizzes and took one test while having an attack. She finished Anatomy with a C. She got an interview, but was not accepted. As this was her fourth year applying, the Entrance Committee told her that they felt her opportunities for CRNA are "limited."

    I see some mistakes that we made, including the fact that taking so many classes from one CRNA program paints one into a corner, as it were, because credits do not usually transfer from one CRNA program to another. I am currently accepted into a CRNA program (not the one my wife was trying to get into) so she has a couple of years to regather herself and make another attempt somewhere else. I guess the questions I have are the following:

    1) What, if anything, can she do about the C in anatomy, which had her on academic probation at the CRNA school she wanted (BTW, my wife's GPA was 3.6 before this)?
    2) What is the best way to go about another attempt at CRNA in the future? I know that my wife has the ability to do this, but she is in a bit of a tailspin now, and doubting herself.
    3) I know that casting the widest net possible (i.e. aply to lots of different schools) is the best way to get accepted, but as a single mother she had to stay in a certain geographic area. That will be a moot point after I complete CRNA, but what are the most efficent options for making ones self eligible for the most schools (e.g. CCRN, higher GRE scores, retaking anatomy)?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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