I'm not sure this is the best forum to post this but here it is. I had a rough first week. I moved to a new town, new hospital, and obviously new CRNA's MD's etc. I kind of shadow/participate on the first day and try to see how things run. Day 2, I do a AAA EVT and several GYN cases. Day 3, I have 5 peds cases and observe a heart. Day 4, I have a CABG and a wound closure on a sick little 82 y/o woman. Now, I had another CRNA with me each day but did do a couple cases on my own. I did not feel comfortable at all and it showed. The CRNA was helping quite a bit and I Fu#$^*g felt like an incompetent student all over again. I didn't know where anything was nor was I familiar with the ventilators, flow of things, etc. This is not how I wanted my first week to go. I am sure it looked like I was a complete freaking doof. My confidence was shaken quite a bit. It's not easy for me to post this but it was tough week. I worked hard to get through school and had positive feedback from all my clinical sites. WTF???