Patient is brought in from a small facility with free air in ABD.

Age: 80
Relevant Hx: HTN, Smoker, Gastrointestinal perforation & repair, CHF, COPD, CAD, MI 8 years ago with CABG, renal insufficiency, GERD, Appy, Anemia

Relevant Pre op tests:

This was an emergency so limited to the tests that were sent: WBC: 18, h/h 11.9/31, BUN/Cr 32/0.85, Na 146, K 5.1, Cl 118, Ca 6.7, AML 224, Lip 1118, Alk Phos 25

VS: BP: 150/90 HR: 137 Sat: 96% 4L n/c

You will be leaving for the OR in 5 minutes as this is an emergency, what is your plan?