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    Default CRNA Work-Life Balance

    Hello CRNAs,

    Assuming you are employed by a hospital or other organization that must grant approval for you to take time off, how much vacation time do you earn per year, how much vacation time are you able to actually use, and can you use it consecutively or must it be taken in short intervals (like two days max)?

    Background: My wife is completing training in Cardiovascular Sonography. She keeps encountering full-time sonographers employed by hospitals who are not generally allowed to take more than one or two days of vacation at any one time. This seems to be the norm. The worst examples:
    1. Sonographer wanted to take off 2 weeks to visit family out of country. Was denied due to lack of coverage.
    2. Sonographer was only allowed to take two weeks off to deliver her baby.
    3. Dept director's mother died and was only able to take 1 day off (to attend the funeral).
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