I've recently started considering a CRNA path but unsure how I would fare on getting an interview, etc.
My current stats...
BSN/BA-Spanish (simultaneously) with overall undergrad GPA 3.1-3.2 I think
Currently enrolled in MSN (Nursing Leadership and Administration), will graduate in 1 year. Current GPA: 3.75
GRE: 950
4 years ER experience at Duke in level 1 trauma center.
Small community ER-1 year experience
My current plans include:
-transfer to Duke CTICU in 2012
-obtain CEN
-obtain CCRN after transfer to CTICU

I plan on being in CTICU for at least 2-3 years. Recently a RT in the ER mentioned possibly pursuing a RT associate's program to look "more well rounded", what do you think? I'm new to this forum, haven't explored too much. Will my undergrad GPA hurt my chances? I'm not in a rush to get in...no kids, no debt :-)
Any recommendations to improve my chances?
Any recommendations on a study guide/book for CCRN?

Thanks for sharing your input!!!!