I wanted to share my experience yesterday. I work in a small community. I was on call and was looking for something to do. I went to a wrestling tournament to watch. One of the wrestlers had a seizure during a match. The athletic trainer responded to to athlete. I could sense something was wrong. I went to the mat and found the boy unconsious, rigid, and turning cyanotic. I gave jaw support to open his airway. We had to really stimulate him to breathe. The basic EMT's came to the mat and I requested an oxygen mask and had a Bag-Valve Mask readily available. We loaded him on a stretcher and took him to the hospital in an ambulance which I accompanied him. In the ER he was confused and combative until he woke up. It was reported that this happened once before while wrestling and the parents didn't seek out a consult from a neurologist. His poor parents had to drive 4 hours in a snowstorm to be with him. Guess I was at the right place at the right time. He scared the you know what out of myself and everyone there.