My unit admitted a patient the other night that is a total enigma and I was hoping for some thoughts. He was in an MVA and had a broken femur. He was awake and alert on admission, in fact went to the general ortho floor. His only history is DM II. They took him to the OR and right after induction he went totally rigid. Per the anesthesia record he received fentanyl, versed, roc, and propofol. My first thought was malignant hyperthermia but he was afebrile and the anesthesiologist said no. They gave him dantrolene, epi, benadryl. Upon arriving to the unit his body continued to get more rigid to the point of occluding his tube and respiratory arresting until 2 RTs could pry his mouth open and force a bite block in while we were running the code. He is close to 72 hours out now and no improvement in his rigidity. He's in rhabdo with compartment pressures approaching 30 in all 4 extremities. He can open his eyes and is awake but can only move his extremites maybe a cm in each direction. All of the anesthesiologists are stumped and don't know what to attribute it to. It's been puzzling me ever since. Any thoughts?