Lately, I've seen a lot of new members on this site hoping to get into CRNA school.

The life of an SRNA is hard. Things you say on this site will eventually be taken the wrong way, or even the correct way.... But regardless, it will offend someone, come across as arrogant, naive, or whatever.

My point is, if one of your instructors, classmates, clinical coordinators, or CRNAs at your clinical site reads your post and decides to be offended, you may be ok......

But..... If you have identified yourself, such as using your full name as your handle, or described yourself in a post (I'm the hot redhead that goes to XYZ), you may be in a world of hurt.

People can (and will) make your life difficult as a student. Don't think just because you were someone who didn't take shit from anyone as a ICU nurse with a 4.0 and a 1600 GRE, that you are incapable of being humbled in the CRNA program.

You also don't want future employers misinterpreting something....

These are just MY thoughts. I'm not suggesting one hide behind the shield of anonymous handles and threads.... I'm just pointing out there ARE risks to you as a student that you may wish to minimize.

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