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    Default Critical Care Mobile Unit RN?

    I have a lot to learn. I know it. And I'm using the Search button as much as I can.

    I'm just graduating and was hired 3 months prior to my graduation date at a local hospital here in Wisconsin as a "Critical Care Resource Support Unit Nurse." Basically, I'm mobile unit, but only in the Critical Care areas. For my hospital, this includes the ICU, NICU, IMC (critical but no vents), Heart and Vascular, and ER. I'm assigned to the units and work just as an RN would if they were hired to the unit. I don't float around assisting or anything, I'm trained just like every RN is on each unit. The hospital is ~500 bed hospital. I took the position because I've been a HUC for ~4 years now and they've helped me pay my tuition. I would have had to pay some back if I didn't take a position at this hospital. Also they're offering me ~$40/hr as a new grad (nights) which is just straight up psychotic and will definitely help pay off my loans. There is only only one other hospital in the area but I was worried because of the negative atmosphere rumors and low pay (~$28/hr). Also it happens to be a state hospital which is being attacked by the governor which means even lower pay (as many of you have heard). I only had an interview for the Pediatric ICU and not an actual job, so I decided on this oddity one instead.

    Will this experience suffice as critical care background when it comes time to apply for CRNA school? I've heard all the rant that some schools won't take ER or HVU, but nothing on being mobile throughout all of these considered "critical care" areas.

    Thanks for the help,
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