I couldn't find a forum board that fit this threads subject so I it put here..sorry, hope no one minds too much. Here is the rub, I have just been accepted into crna school to start in july, my wife an I have been working towards this for about 5 years. We planned every move and all was going well until my wife was just downsized. Now all our plans are are on tenuous ground. I must have health insurance while in school (school policy), we must have an income as well, I have looked into military options but have psoriasis which precludes me from service. I have found an anesthesia group that will pay for my school but I really need a way to get a small living expense and health insurance while I'm in school. I was wondering if there are places that are hurting for crna's badly enough that they could provide help for me in exchange for post graduation agreement to work there. any advice is appreciated..thanks.