This forum is full of low gpa sob stories and I tried to find one similar to mine to avoid repeating previously answered questions. Here's the scoop:Finished prereqs, ADN, and BSN with a 3.8 gpa. Been workin in icu for two years and looking to apply to some CRNA schools finally!I'm feeling good about my chances but as I go through applications I see most very clearly say "send transcripts from ALL colleges attended".

Now here's my dirty secret, I spent 2 years pursuing an unrelated degree about 7 years ago. By pursuing I mean that I never went to class. I left that college with a 0.56 gpa, yes you read that right.These grades and the college are nowhere to be found on my academic record because I never transferred the credits.

Im assuming by their language that these CRNA schools see this occasionally and frown upon applicants "hiding" history. I do not want to be dishonest and clearly the right thing to do is disclose this info and point out how I have improved, but a dark part of me wants to ignore that time of my life. I did the math and disclosing that college transcript would take me from 3.8 gpa to 3.0 and possibly take me out of contention for my dream of being a CRNA. What would you guys do if it were you?

I know there are a few members here who are on admissions boards, what do you recommend? I would feel bad to be dishonest but I also want to be a CRNA! I told the university where I got my BSN about this and the advisor said don't transfer the transcript, we'll never know. So I didn't. I also think it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission in some cases! I dont even know if schools can verify this kind of thing or if they would even bother to. I'd love to get some advice from you all, and I am prepared to be burned for even considering such a dastardly deed!